New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys NFL Football Picks

This Sunday night game has a lot of angles that have to be considered if you want to win some money with your NFL picks this weekend. The Giants have been a good road team, but this is a tough trip late in the season. The Cowboys were good in November, but have wilted into their December selves once again. They are also favored by 3.5 points in this game, so that is a lot of lumber to lay against a Giants team that actually has some good pieces. In this game, you have to consider a wide range of different things if you want to make the best picks. 

The Giants should be able to move the ball against the Cowboys. Eli Manning has shown himself capable against almost all defenses. Even on the road, Manning has been pretty good over the last couple of years. One thing to consider, though, is that the Giants might be a little bit down after losing a close one last week. They put a lot of effort into winning that game, so there may be something of a letdown this week. You will want to consider that, as you don’t want to have your money on a tired, unmotivated team this week.

You have to also consider that Dallas has the potential to come out and play really well. They haven’t made good on that potential yet this season, but it is still there. Be careful going against them, especially at home. This is even more important given the fact that so many people are betting on New York. This feels like one of those spots where the public backs the road underdog and gets burnt in the end. You don’t want to be on that train when it goes off the tracks. Dallas might be the play here, despite the fact that it looks the other way.