New Orleans Saints vs Tennessee Titans Free NFL Picks 

When the Saints are only laying a little bit more than a field goal, it is going to gain some attention of the people making the free NFL picks. Simply put, the Saints are a team that people love to bet at almost any number. With that in mind, this one seems a little bit low. The Titans aren’t the best team in the AFC, but they have shown the ability to battle this year. With Chris Johnson coming on a little bit, they have a chance to win this game at home. If you are making your NFL picks this week, you might want to consider taking the points in what might be a close game.¬†

This might go against conventional wisdom, as the Saints have been rolling. They have beaten two good opponents in primetime over the last two weeks. But know that those games were at home. The Saints are a different team at home as they have shown over the years. After people watched them dismantle the Giants and Lions, public perception is strongly in their corner this weekend. That is yet another reason to consider going the other way in this game. Simply put, there is too much public love for the favorite here. This feels like the kind of trap game where the Titans rise up and at least put up as good fight against a team that has struggled some on the road.


Ultimately I believe that Tennessee will be able to run the ball on New Orleans. Chris Johnson will have a big day. The game will turn on how well the Titans can limit Drew Brees. No one can expect this Titans defense to shut down the Saints, but they could potentially make life hard on Brees. This is what you have to be looking for if you are going to bet on the Titans. You need a performance out of Brees on the road that does not look like the last two weeks. Whether or not this comes to fruition is a matter for debate. This game looks to be tight, but it might not be a bad idea to take the points in this one.