NFL Point Spread Picks – New York Giants vs New York Jets

Let’s get one thing straight. This might be listed as a home game for the Jets, but these two share a stadium. They are both playing at home this week, with the Jets coming in as a field goal favorite as of the writing of this article. So who should you be making your NFL picks on this weekend if you want to have action on this game? You will want to consider the matchups, as these teams have some interesting differences that will provide for tough matchups all over. 

The Giants like to throw the ball these days. When they are successful, it is typically because Eli Manning did something impressive. Meanwhile the Jets have the best secondary in football according to many people. They will be hurt without starting safety Jim Leonard, so that is something to think about, as well. The Jets will be missing some key components on offense, but they should still have success moving the ball against a porous Giants defense. You will likely see the Jets take control on defense and force some turnovers in this game. They are a good bet this week if you insist on making NFL picks.