Monday Night NFL Picks – Pittsburgh Steelers vs San Francisco 49ers

This is another game where a big time team from the east coast is forced to head out west to play in primetime. The difference here is that San Francisco is for real and they are favored by around a field goal in this game. Here, we have a matchup with a lot of intrigue and even more questions. Understand this and you will be ahead of the game. Pittsburgh will have a hard time with the physicality of San Fran, but they might have the guns to win this one if everyone is healthy. That is the big question, though, and it is something that you will want to figure out as you prepare to make your NFL picks this weekend. 

The injury question for the Steelers is at QB. Ben Roethlisberger makes the machine in Pittsburgh go. Without him, they are not going to win this game. Both Charlie Batch and Dennis Dixon are not NFL-quality quarterbacks. This means that you need to know that Ben is playing if you are going to bet this game. If you make a bet expecting him to play and he is severely limited, then you will be regretting your position. With that in mind, it makes the most sense to wait this game out a little bit if you have the patience to do that. Pittsburgh will still be there on the board on Monday if you want to make that bet. 


Likewise, know that the Steelers will be without James Harrison, who was suspended by the league for his hit on Colt McCoy last week. This is a big blow to a defense that desperately needs his playmaking ability. This is not reason in and of itself to fade Pittsburgh, but with all of the factors taken together, it would be hard to play on them. This is especially true given the nature of the roadtrip here. They are being asked to head out on the road and make a long trip. This could be a good week to hammer the 49ers and win some easy cash.