Chicago Bears vs Denver Broncos NFL Point Spread Picks

The Bears and the Broncos are a couple of proud franchises. This year, though, there are some quarterback issues going on with each team. For Denver, those “issues” have manifested in the form of Tim Tebow, a man who has somehow won five games. The rage on Tebow has been relentless, as some love him and some don’t. Some think he is a winner, while others think he can’t play in the league. The truth is that the guy can’t throw, but he’s been able to run the ball effectively up to this point. He’s been able to keep his team moving at key points. The true winner for the Broncos has been their offensive line and their defense, though. 


On the other side of the coin, the Bears were rolling until they ran into a snag. They lost Jay Cutler to an injury and the results have not been pretty. Caleb Haynie has been bad, to say to the least, in his relief of Cutler. Last week, they lost Forte. With their best two offensive players on the shelf, this Bears team stands little chance of scoring a lot against a good Broncos defense. They are also going out to play a tough game in a tough environment. If you look at this one objectively, you can see where there is a clear edge for the Broncos. They will probably struggle some against the Bears defense, but they should win this game.


If you are looking for another angle here, you might play the under. These two teams will combine to run the ball a lot an drain the clock. The Broncos will really take the air out of it, especially in the first half. Perhaps playing the under in the first half is the best play on the board. When you are making NFL picks this week, you need to look for those little opportunities. There are some strong angles this week if you are willing to look outside of the box to make the majority of your plays. The under could be a money maker this week for you.